Welcome to Run, Eat and Tweet (the blog)!

Enjoying one of my favorite meals in Baltimore!

Welcome to my blog! Since this is my first official entry, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to introduce myself and what the whole purpose of my blog is. I plan to blog about the things I’m passionate about…things I have a hearty appetite for: food, running and my life – the trials and tribulations. I’ve been tweeting for years and this is just another outlet to expand on my tweets and hopefully garner some interesting discussion.

So who am I? I’m first and foremost a lover of all things related to food. Born and raised on the east coast, I now find myself living, working, eating and running in Chicago, IL – the city of my dreams. I’m excited to share my food and running adventures with you!

Running the 2011 New York City marathon

Why healthy? I’m also a dietitian and have, at one point in my life, been significantly overweight, as well as underweight. I now happily enjoy food – all kinds – in moderation. In my journey to lose weight, I found sports – and more specifically running – to be an outlet for not only maintaining my weight, but also for stress reduction. I’m a proud marathoner and aim to run at least 1-2 per year!

So the purpose of this blog? I’ve been a dietitian for almost 8 years and I’ve become more and more aware of the huge disconnect there is with regards to nutrition and food. People – there are no quick fixes – but you can enjoy good food and maintain a normal weight. I’m living proof. I love bacon, have french fry and onion ring cravings on a regular basis (usually paired with a nice micro or craft-brewed beer), and I have a horrible sweet tooth – specifically anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate. I also love fruits and veggies and I have learned that being physically active, allows me to enjoy more of my favorite foods, in moderation, without guilt while having the added benefit of de-stressing me, making me a much happier, healthier individual.

So welcome to my blog and I hope you find it entertaining, insightful and informative!